8 Best Laminate Floor Vacuum Cleaners UK June 2023

Laminate Floor Vacuum

Laminate flooring has become very popular because it lasts long and doesn’t cost much. Therefore, it needs care and cleaning to keep it looking great.

Using a vacuum that is specifically designed to clean laminate flooring makes the task of cleaning much simpler. However, the risk of scratches and other damage to the flooring is significant if you don’t use the right vacuum.

Finding the finest vacuum for laminate floors can be challenging for those who are just starting and even those who have been doing it for a while.

Choosing a vacuum appropriate for your flooring type is essential, and there are several to choose from.

Even the most mediocre laminate floor vacuum will do a decent job sucking up pet hair, allergies, dust, and other particles. To ensure your laminate flooring maintains its lustre, we analyzed several models and wrote reviews of the top vacuum cleaners on the market.

We have included everything you need to know, including the filtration system’s capacity, the device’s speed, and whether or not it is corded or wireless.

Table of Contents

1. BISSELL CrossWave (Top Pick)

tOP Pick
Bisell 3In1 2

bissell crosswave 3 in 1

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

BISSELL CrossWave is a versatile and efficient floor cleaner that can tackle multiple surfaces with ease. It’s 3-in-1 feature can save your time and effort.

Key Features

  • Digital Control
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Great Suction

CrossWave is a multi-surface cleaner, as its name suggests, which means it can be used on various floor types. All sorts of surfaces, including carpets, tiles, hardwood, and vinyl, are compatible with this application.

It combines the functions of a vacuum cleaner and a mop to save time. Of course, you can utilize both tasks at once, but doing so will mix the dirt and water in the bin, making future cleaning more laborious.

It’s irritating to have some dust escape after cleaning everything, but emptying the bin is easy since it can be detached from the vacuum’s main body.

We found that using the vacuuming and washing modes independently is sufficient for most situations, although there are times when one wish one can do both at once. This might be a good solution if you have kids or dogs who track dirt and muck into the house.

Although the floor will be damp after using the CrossWave’s washing mode, you may hasten the drying process by simply vacuuming over it.

The CrossWave has the apparent drawback of being a corded vacuum. If you don’t securely wrap the Cord around the vacuum, it will constantly get in the way, and you’ll need to be near an electrical outlet at all times. Not the end of the world, but its is a step backwards in the age of the cordless vacuum.

Key Features

All-In-One Cleaning

Multi-function This vacuum cleaner from BISSELL is a 3-in-1 model that allows you to vacuum, wash, and dry simultaneously, eliminating one step from your typical cleaning regimen.

Digital Fingertip Control

The Smart Touch Control provides an adjustable, effortless control most suited to your cleaning surface.

Deep Clean Suction

The robust 560 W suction revitalizes sealed floors and area rugs, leaving them with a streak-free sheen and a radiant appearance.

Two-Tank Technology

Dual containers allow for simple filling and emptying, guaranteeing you’ll never be without a fresh solution of cleansing detergent and water for your floors. ​

Dual Action Brush Roll

The brush roll’s unique microfiber and nylon construction allow it to scrub, wash, and dry your hard floors and area rugs for a more thorough cleaning. You’ll get the best results when used with BISSELL’s Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Easy To Clean & Remove

The easy-to-clean storage container makes cleaning up afterwards quick and convenient. The easy-to-remove brush window and detachable brush roll guarantee that replacement brushes can do anything without fuss.

Lightweight & Maneuverability: The CrossWave is very lightweight, making it easy to reach even the most difficult corners. The swivel steering makes it simple to manoeuvre it under and around furniture.
  • Capable of vacuuming and mopping
  • More economically viable in the light of rival pricing.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Limited design
  • Bin removal isn’t always sanitary

2. Miele Complete C3 (EDITOR’S PICK)

Editors Pick
Miele Complete C3

Miele Complete C3

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Miele Complete C3 PowerLine Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use vacuum that offers exceptional cleaning performance on all types of floors. With its advanced filtration system and AirClean sealed system, this vacuum effectively removes dirt, dust and allergens from your home. It also features a wide range of accessories and a low noise output, making it perfect for cleaning any living space

Key Features

  • Mobility
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Quiet
  • Powerful Suction

Pure Red, as we’ll refer to it from here on, is constructed with the same care and longevity as any Miele product.

The telescoping tube of the Miele C3 vacuum can be adjusted to various heights to accommodate the user. As a result, you can easily extend your reach and clean higher places, which is a win-win. In addition, the tube’s significant inside dimension promotes efficient airflow.

At 7.3 kilograms (kg), Pure Red weighs par for a cylinder vacuum. It’s not the ideal choice if you need a portable vacuum, but you can move it about with relative ease since most of its mass is supported by wheels (unlike with upright vacuums.)

The bagged capacity of 4.5 litres is substantial, so you won’t have to empty it as often. A 1.8-meter hose and power wire are included. When put together, they provide a cleaning radius of 12 meters, which is fantastic for cleaning huge areas without having to switch outlets.

The cable is stored inside the vacuum’s housing and automatically rewinds to keep things neat and tangle-free. All three attachments are concealed inside the void for a minimalistic and streamlined look.

A protective band is then installed around the device. This makes dragging it around less likely to damage your belongings or your home’s walls and furnishings.

Key Features

Dirt compartment

Simply pressing the top cover lid gives you access to this component, which is convenient. The directional markings make it easy to figure out how to extract the bag. When it becomes full, it must be discarded.

Mobility and Usability

The Miele C3 Pure Red, despite its bulky appearance, is easy to operate and maneuver. Casters and a lightweight build make it simple to maneuver around furniture, and a large cleaning area lessens the stifling effect of a corded model.

Foot controls allow you to adjust the vacuum’s suction force, which is helpful while cleaning a variety of surfaces. Most carpets can’t handle the maximum suction; therefore, this is a crucial safety feature.

There is a handle for portability, and the floorhead may be attached to the back of the vacuum for storage. This is a convenient function for when you want to take a break from cleaning or put the vacuum away.

HEPA filter: The HEPA filter can be accessed by opening the top rear of the dust bin. It also has a time strip to indicate when it should be changed, typically after a year of regular usage.
  • Superb construction quality
  • Powerful sucking force
  • Can be controlled easily
  • Portable toolboxes
  • Indicates when the bag is full
  • Quiet
  • Not ideal for removing pet fur
  • Unexplained dust accumulation on the primary head due to static electricity

3. Miele Classic C1 (BUDGET PICK)

Budget Pick
Meiele C1

Miele Classic C1

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Miele Classic C1 is a powerful, compact canister vacuum that offers superior cleaning performance for any type of flooring. With advanced filtration and attachments, it effectively removes dirt, dust, and allergens from your home.

Key Features

  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Energy Efficient
  • 9m Operating Radius

If you have hard floors and like keeping them clean, this is a great method. This vac is a wise choice for cleaning laminate floors. It’s excellent for cleaning wood and laminate flooring since it can handle the messes and grime of regular family life.

This high-powered brush is made of fine quality bristles, which are excellent at picking up fine dust and other particles. In addition, this brush is built into the side of the vacuum, making it easy to clean out.

It also helps prevent the brushes from getting clogged up with dirt. This vacuum has a particular filtration system that filters the air inside the machine so that the dust and germs aren’t spread around.

The filters are washable, and you can quickly empty them to clean out the filter. In addition, this vacuum comes with an in-built indicator light that indicates when the air filter needs to be cleaned.

Key Features


The canister vacuums are internally powered by a suction power of more than 1000 watts.  You can use this power with complete confidence on every floor type, from hard surfaces to luxurious carpets.

Air-filtering Technology

Its speed and effectiveness come from its powerful motor, but its air-filtering technology is the real show-stopper. The bags include a locking mechanism that prevents dirt and dust from escaping through the chassis, trapping them for good.

Storage Capacity and Bins

The maximum capacity of a bag in its trash bin is an astounding 3.5 liters. Since it uses vacuum bags, the vacuum needs little upkeep. When using a bagless canister vacuum, it is necessary to empty and clean the bin often.

Durability: The vacuum combines the durability of plastic with the shine of chromium. Hence, it is sturdy enough to serve its purpose. When the bag is sealed, the grime within is contained and cannot escape.
  • Removes pet hair from any surface.
  • Superb performance on the carpet.
  • Power can be adjusted in several ways.
  • Superior agility.
  • Have a limited range.

4. Tineco A11 Hero

Public Choice
Tineco A11 Hero

Tineco A11 Hero

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Tineco A11 Hero is a powerful, cordless vacuum cleaner with advanced technology for deep cleaning and efficient performance. With up to 120W of suction power and a detachable battery, it easily tackles tough messes and offers extended run time.

Key Features

  • Brushless Motor
  • Wall Mount Dock
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Three Power Modes

Taking care of a wide variety of floors and trash kinds is a breeze with Tineco’s LED power brushes. The A11 Hero, however, really proves its worth in its name thanks to its adaptability by allowing users to change the floor type at will because its flexibility and adaptability enable it to perform very well in the field.

The A11 Hero was outfitted with specialized cleaning tools for more difficult flooring, such as stone. Due to its ability to collect larger trash particles, it was designed to replace the broom in many situations. Of course, not everyone will have to clean stone or hardwood floors, but if you ever do, the A11 should be the first thing you think of. The four-stage filtering mechanism makes this device very efficient.

However, it’s 120W motor and its “extreme suction technology” are the true secrets to its success. In terms of overall suction, this gadget is about five times as powerful as a regular cordless vacuum.

Because adjusting the suction power is crucial for extending the battery life and preserving the onboard power required to compete with hardwired models, the A11’s many settings and functions make it easy to tailor the device’s suction to your specific requirements.

With its strong suction, you may even be fooled by believing it’s a hardwired vacuum cleaner. While increasing the suction force to remove difficult dirt and debris can quickly drain the battery, this feature is essential. Of course, hardwood floors don’t need as much suction as carpets do while you’re cleaning them, but any surface may benefit from thorough vacuuming.

Key Features

450W Brushless Motor for Powerful Suction

The 450W brushless motor is five times more powerful than standard DC motor vacuum cleaners, yet it operates at a whisper-quiet 120W for 24 minutes in Max mode, making it ideal for use on carpets and hard floors.

Three Power Modes

You may choose from three different power levels for a tailored wash. Suction levels I and II are appropriate for general cleaning, whilst the Max mode is best suited for eliminating tenacious dirt that has been entrenched.

Wall-Mount Dock

The A11 Series vacuum has a transparent shell and a sleek appearance, making it the perfect appliance for today’s homes. In addition, the convenient docking station that can be mounted on the wall simplifies charging and storage.

Ultra-Quiet Operation: Due to its brushless motor and airflow architecture, this vacuum has a quiet operation, making it an excellent choice in homes with young children or animals. In addition, you will no longer need to worry about upsetting your family when you use the vacuum.
  • Superior construction than the budget-friendly Tineco A10
  • Exceptional effectiveness on both hard and plush surfaces
  • Dirt capacity is above average at 0.6 litres.
  • Both batteries can be charged at once due to a dual charging port.
  • Discarding the bin will be a significant hassle.
  • Structure with a lot of weight at the top

5. Tineco iFLOOR3

Strong Runner up
Tineco Ifloor3


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Tineco IFloor3 is a powerful, cordless hard floor cleaner that delivers efficient, deep cleaning with the convenience of cordless operation

Key Features

  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Self Clean
  • Intelligent Display

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners like the Tineco iFloor don’t need a cable. The cleaner can be used to vacuum carpets and bare floors, but it excels at cleaning tile and stone. You may use it for everything from quick cleanups to major spills. Cleaning the floor is simple; just add one cup of the provided solution to the water and shake the bucket.

There are switches for turning it on and off, as well as a “Spot” button that increases the brush’s rotational speed for a more thorough cleaning. With a press of the water supply trigger on the main handle, you may spray water to loosen tough stains or improve your mopping results.

In comparison to other vacuum cleaners designed for use with wet mops, this one excels in removing stubborn stains. It may take a few tries, but in the end, all stains will be gone.

The Tineco iFloor has a typical runtime of roughly 22 minutes before it has to be recharged.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to clean the vacuum thoroughly after using it on particularly messy areas. Simply fill the container with water and run it  for a few minutes to clean the primary brush. However, normal usage reduces the frequency with which the vacuum must be cleaned.

Key Features

Low Noise Operation

The new FLOOR 3 is built for silence. It utilizes one-of-a-kind components that are noise-suppressing, as well as a brushless digital motor that produces very little noise.

Multi-functional Docking Station

Preserve a tidal state of order and convenience in charging. The docking station is a small, practical storage space that charges the device. Keeping the gadget on the docking station will also clean itself, so there will be no trash or residue left on the floor.

Cordless Convenience

Leave the hassle of carrying dirty water buckets, extension cables, hefty mops, and vacuums behind you. The FLOOR I3 is cordless and lightweight so you can take it anywhere. To have a thorough cleaning done in the cramped quarters, you must be able to ascend and descend the stairs and access all areas quickly.

Easy Hands-free Self-clean: Keep your hands away from that unclean roller. A single button press is all it takes to initiate FLOOR 3’s automatic cleaning mode. The brush roller and tubes are automatically cleaned with new water and detergent, and the machine is then ready for use again.
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty suction
  • Cordless
  • The brush roller cleans up spills fast, dries thoroughly, and leaves no stains.
  • Self-propelled motor.
  • Advanced intelligent digital display.
  • The docking station is also convenient for storing, cleaning, and recharging the vacuum.
  • Rapid drying time and no streaking after that.
  • Quiet! While You clean.
  • If you’re cleaning a big house, you may need to stop and replenish the water tank.
  • This is not a product for use on rugs or upholstery.

6. VAL CUCINE Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Val Cucine 1

val cucine wet/dry vacuum cleaner

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

This powerhouse of a machine is perfect for hard floors, and can easily switch between dry and wet mode to tackle any spill or mess.

Key Features

  • User Friendly
  • 25ft Power Cord
  • Lightweight
  • Dual Water Tank

Looking for a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that can handle both wet and dry messes? Look no further than the VAL CUCINE Upright Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

With a powerful motor, the VAL CUCINE Upright Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner can suck up dirt, dust, and even liquids with ease. And its compact design makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and tight spaces. Whether you’re dealing with a daily buildup of dust or an accidental spill, this vacuum cleaner has you covered.

Key Features

Multi-Surface Cleaning

Multi-purpose cleaning tools such as a wet/dry Swiffer, or a wet/dry roller brush are present. Tile, wood floors that have been sealed, carpeting, tapestries, laminated, vinyl, rubber floor mats, and even pressed wood floors may all benefit from its usage since it is both safe and effective.

Dual Water Tank Design

To guarantee that you’re constantly cleaning with a new mix of water and getting ideal cleaning outcomes, a separate dirty/clean water tank may store clean water and formula separately from contaminated water and dried debris. As a result, your sticky spills, pet hair, dust, and cleaning needs are met. The clean water tank holds 720 ml, whereas the dirty water tank holds 450 ml.

User-Friendly Controls on Handle

It has a smart touch button that lets you quickly choose between cleaning hard floors and carpets. Pressing the spraying button allows for versatile control over the quantity of cleaning solution (or even simply water) applied to the surface, depending on the situation.

Self-Cleaning by One Button

When you press the self-cleaning button, the machine uses clean water and detergent to wash the roller, removing any buildup of dirt, hair, or other particles. As a result, the roller brush does not need manual cleaning as part of routine maintenance. Instead, the machine’s components may be taken apart and washed one by one.

Extra-Long 25-Ft Cord:  You can use the powerful suction to clean every room in the house without stopping to plug in for a charge since the cable is so long.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Very quiet
  • User Friendly
  • It leaves dirty lines
  • White colour goes dirty



Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO U2pro

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO U2pro is a versatile and efficient robot vacuum that seamlessly vacuums and mops your floors in one go.

Key Features

  • Mopping System
  • Tangle Free Brush
  • Large Bin
  • Easy Setup

The low cost of the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro makes it accessible to anybody. In addition, it has a considerable dust container and a brush that prevents hair from getting tangled up.

Compared to the Ecovacs Deebot OZMO U2, which has a dustbin size of 0.4L, the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro has a dustbin with a capacity of 0.8L, making it much more significant. In addition, its dust canister is more critical than competing robot vacuums, so you won’t need to empty it as often.

In its automatic mode, the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro cleans according to a set routine. It features several settings, including auto, edge, and spot. Unfortunately, it lacks smart mapping skills, so it won’t pick up on patterns or remember which spots it previously scrubbed. Yet it does not clean at random like low-cost robot vacuums.

Instead, the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro cleans the whole floor in an organized sequence of back-and-forth motions that leaves no dirt or debris behind.

Additionally to vacuuming, it also has a mopping function. The water tank won’t leak, and the flow may be adjusted thanks to the electric pump. The mopping feature works well for wiping away little dirt and grime.

Since it can’t do that on its own, you’ll need to physically prevent the robot vacuum from crossing over into any carpeted areas if you wish to restrict its cleaning to hard surfaces alone.

Since the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro does not generate a map and does not come with a magnetic boundary strip, the software does not support virtual borders. Therefore, physical barriers or magnetic boundary strips must be purchased independently if you need to section off sections.

The Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro is well-liked because of its superior tangle-free brush. It keeps hair from getting caught in the central meeting, reducing the frequency you’ll need to remove tangled strands by cutting them free. Those with long hair or fur dogs will find this quite helpful.

With its low price tag, the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro may be missing sure high-end bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean it can’t perform a good job cleaning. Instead, it’s cheap and still adequate for most uses.

Key Features

ECOVACS’ Largest Dustbin

Especially useful during shedding seasons, the DEEBOT U2 PRO’s XL Dustbin(800mL) can contain a substantial amount of debris.

Specialized Tangle-Free Brush

Get rid of pet hair quickly and easily. The Tangle-Free Brush on the vacuum eliminates the possibility of knots, ensuring the robot’s uninterrupted operation. The ECOVACS laboratory in Shenzhen conducted the test on a floor with 3g of pet hairs spread throughout it. As a result, the hair on the Tangle-Free Brush won’t become tangled up.

OZMO Mopping System: Switching between vacuuming and mopping may be done quickly and conveniently by simply snapping the cleaning cloth plate on or off. Electronic controls ensure water is continuously pumped from a huge reservoir to the mop.
  • Incredible vacuum effect
  • Economically Reasonable
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Large Bin
  • Smart mapping functionality is missing.
  • Heavy.

8. Shark Navigator NV586

Shark Nv586

Shark Navigator NV586

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Shark Navigator NV586 is a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner with advanced features for effortless cleaning and optimal performance

Key Features

  • HEPA Filtration
  • Versatile
  • Advanced Swivel Steering
  • LED Headlights

We love how the Shark Navigator can vacuum up debris right where it fell, making the job go faster and cleaning up your floors easier.

While the Shark Navigator is best suited for laminate floors, it has the edge over others because of its navigation capabilities.

These are great for people who like to move around a lot. You can turn corners, navigate stairs, and even reach under furniture and beds.

Unlike traditional vacuums, you won’t need to empty the dustbin because there is no bag to fill up. Instead, you simply push a button and press it again to continue cleaning. This makes cleaning the unit much easier and faster.

In addition, it features an onboard battery, so you can operate the unit for up to 12 hours without needing to plug it into the wall. You can easily replace the battery if required, and the instructions are simple.

There’s no need to worry about the power cord, either. Simply plug the Shark Navigator into your socket, turn it on, and you’re ready to go.

Besides the Shark Navigator being a handheld vacuum, it doesn’t differ from other upright vacuums. It’s easy to store, clean and pretty compact. So you can get it in your home and start cleaning instantly, whenever necessary.

The Navigator has two settings. One is the “Cleaner” setting, while the other is “Navigation” mode. You can select a target area and navigate through the room in the navigation mode.

You can select the surface, such as carpet or wood flooring, on the Cleaner setting to clean. Then, pull up to the spot, press the buttons to clean, and let it finish the task.

The Shark Navigator comes with a 6.6-foot long hose, which is a bit short but can handle light cleaning. However, you might want to get the longer hose if you plan on vacuuming under beds or corners.

Shark Navigator does have a few drawbacks, however. First, it’s not particularly powerful. For instance, it has lower suction and higher noise levels than other vacuum models.

Another downside is the price. Shark Navigator is a bit pricey, so that you may consider another less expensive model.

Key Features

Dirt compartment

If you click the button, the dirt bin will open at the bottom, where you may remove the contents. You can also open it up from the top, which gives you access to the lint screen, which you need to clean regularly.

Brush roll

The brush roll cover can be lifted for easier access with a penny, flathead screwdriver, or anything similar. However, even though the brush roll is supposed to clean itself, hair can get entangled.

Post-motor (HEPA) filter

By removing the vacuum’s front cover, you will have unrestricted access to the HEPA filter. Give it a good scrubbing with some water a once a year,

Pre-motor filters: The foam and felt pre-motor filters can be easily removed from their housing beneath the dirt compartment. However, giving them a good soaking in water every three months would be best to eliminate any dust or debris
  • A+ performance on the floor.
  • Excellent efficiency in removing pet hair.
  • Supplied with a HEPA filter.
  • Versatile.
  • LED Headlights
  • The brush roll cannot be removed.
  • Not for use on stains

Short Comparison Between BISSELL CrossWave & Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline

The main difference between the two models is that the BISSELL CrossWave is a cordless vacuum while the Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline is a corded vacuum. The BISSELL CrossWave is also more lightweight and maneuverable than the Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline.

However, the Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline has a larger dustbin capacity and comes with a HEPA filter.

Which vacuum is better will depend on your needs and preferences. However, if we had to choose one, we would go with the Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Powerline. It is a more powerful vacuum with a larger dustbin capacity. The HEPA filter is also a nice touch, especially if you have allergies.

In addition, the corded design means you won’t have to worry about recharging the battery, which is a common issue with cordless vacuums.

Comparison Table

ProductCorded/ CordlessWarrantyRatingWeight
BISSELL CrossWaveCordlessNo4.45.2kg
VAL CUCINEcordedNo4.68kg
Miele Complete C3CordedNo4.77.3kg
Miele Classic C1CordedNo4.75.8kg
Tineco Cordless iFLOOR3CordlessNo4.48.8kg
Tineco A11 HeroCordlessNo4.22.2kg
Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO U2proRobotic No3.95.4kg
Shark Navigator PoweredCordlessYes4.37.2kg

Buying Guide

Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner designed specifically for laminate floors to ensure that your floors always look new. In addition, you should learn about the essential features of laminate floor vacuums if you’re in the market for one.

You should feel more than informed when purchasing one of the finest vacuum cleaners from highly reputable companies now that you have read this article.

Now, let’s take a look at the essential features that your perfect vacuum cleaner for laminate floors should have:

1. Types of Vacuum Cleaners

In addition to vacuum cleaners’ specialized functions, a wide variety of cleaning products exist. As a result, there are many different kinds of vacuum cleaners available. Here are your options; choose one.

●       Upright

There has always been faith in the upright vacuum’s dependability and durability, even though they tend to be somewhat cumbersome. With its large, convenient head, cleaning is a breeze.

They excel in environments with a variety of floor types because of their height-adjustable brush rollers. However, switching the brush roll on and off is crucial for a laminate floor. You may use it to smooth the change from a hard floor to a plush carpet.

●       Canister – Canister Vacuums

They have numerous vital characteristics that make them ideal for laminate flooring. Most canister vacuum cleaners are portable and easy to use. The hose’s pliability provides exceptional maneuverability when washing the stairs.

If the canister vacuum you’re considering doesn’t have soft rubber wheels, it may scratch your flooring. Most modern canisters have high-quality synthetic fabric bags with intricate filtering mechanisms.

●       Stick

Some upright vacuums come on sticks, while others are more conventionally designed. Up top is where you’ll find the unit’s motors and dust bins. In its original form, a stick vacuum is meant to be used primarily on hard surfaces.

●       Robot

Cleaning your laminate flooring, or any other floors, using a robot vacuum is a breeze. It’s a scratch-free cleaning method thanks to its rubberized wheels and bristle-free sweeper brushes. The robot vacuum is perfect for busy pet owner who doesn’t have time to clean up after their pet throughout the day.

2. Suction Power

The amount of dust and debris a vacuum can remove from your laminate floor is directly proportional to the vacuum’s suction power. This machine’s motor provides the necessary thrust, while the vacuum head ensures sufficient suction.

Cleaning a laminate floor doesn’t need a vacuum with strong suction. Instead, choose a kind that forms a tight seal with the ground since this will ensure maximum suction.

3. Weight

The vacuum’s weight will be a concern if you have trouble lifting big objects. Pick something that won’t weigh you down too much or is simple to move.

4. Bare Floor Setting

Try to get a vacuum with a “bare floor” mode where you may turn the brush roll on and off. A vacuum with bare floor settings is ideal for cleaning laminate floors. Also, install a mechanism to alter the height.

5. Suction Switch

You can better regulate the airflow when cleaning your laminate floors if your vacuum has a suction switch built right in. This convenience makes using a cleaner simple, and the results are good.

6. Edge Cleaning

Only some vacuums are capable of thoroughly cleaning the edges. When deciding between several machines, choose the one with a bristle brush or crevice tool.

7. Convenience

Having a vacuum that is simple to use is a must. Anyone living in your house should be able to use it well. Don’t buy anything that requires you to go back to the user guide often; doing so will slow you down.

8. Price

Cost is naturally essential when purchasing an appliance like a vacuum. Before hitting the Buy Now button, it is a good idea to make some price comparisons and ensure the item is within your budget.

And don’t think that it will perform better just because something is more costly. For example, you can find equally effective vacuums at more affordable prices; instead of focusing entirely on the asking price, consider the vacuum’s qualities.


Is It Ok To Vacuum Laminate Floors?

Your laminate floor may be swept or vacuumed as long as the vacuum you choose does not include a beater brush attachment.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Laminate Flooring?

To clean most laminate floors, you can use a solution of vinegar and water: combine one cup of household vinegar with one gallon of warm water. Use a moist mop, but don’t soak the floor; doing so may damage the laminate and lead to water stains and warping.

What Not to Use to Clean Laminate Floors?

Avoid using sharp objects on your laminate flooring (steel wool, for example). A soft-bristled broom or dust mop is ideal for picking up dust and dirt. Carefully choose a vacuum attachment without a beater bar or revolving brush that might harm the surface.

How Do You Keep Laminate Floors Clean And Shiny?

  • Do some floor cleaning with a vacuum cleaner made specifically for laminate.
  • Spray the floor with a light coating.
  • Sweep the floor and mop it.
  • Make sure the space gets enough fresh air.
  • Remove any remaining scratches and scuffs.


Our suggestions are based on the best laminate floor vacuums presently available. The aspects of availability, pricing, and reader comments are all considered in addition to the product’s general performance when determining our findings.

To save you time, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of every vacuum we’ve tested on bare floors and graded it according to how well it cleans laminate. But, again, try not to obsess about little matters.

There is indeed no ideal vacuum. Still, the vast majority of modern vacuums are adequate for most households’ needs, and the distinctions between them are typically subtle unless one pays close attention.

Richman Aurthur

Hey, it's me, Richman Arthur - your cleaning guru with 18 years of vacuum wizardry under my belt. Let's chase away those pesky dust tumbleweeds and make cleaning fun

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