Different Lights on Roomba: What Does They Mean


It feels great to have a robot companion who does all your cleaning chores without even bothering you. Since its inception, Roomba has introduced various upgraded models that provide users with the ultimate comfort and convenience of floor cleaning – that too with little to no maintenance. A Roomba robot communicates with its user with the help of a ring light system located either on the lid or around the cleaning button of the robovac (depending on what model it is).

This light indication system tells the user the situation vacuum is currently in. It basically informs the owner about the current condition of the vacuum cleaner with the help of three different lights using unique patterns or effects. Each light effect has a different meaning. The light indication is pretty straightforward to understand. However, the indication system of older Roomba models is different from its newer version, which confuses the users.

No worries, we have got your back here!

This article will guide you through the descriptions of different lights showing different effects.

Typically, Roomba uses three colors to communicate its message to its user which are;

  • White
  • Blue
  • Red

White light represents that everything is going great. Blue light indicates that your Roomba is in the middle of something and performing a unique task. Red, a color of danger, warns the user that there’s something wrong with the robovac.

These three lights blink, flash, rotate, or stay idle to communicate, each giving a unique notification.

This article will explain the meaning of all three lights with distinctive patterns — of all models.

Before moving forward, be familiar with the location of the light ring on different Roomba models.

You can see the ring light around the lid if you have a S9 Roomba Vacuum or Braava Jet7 Roomba Map. On the other hand, a ring light will appear on the clean button on Roomba i Series and j Series Robot Vacuums.

Roomba s Series and Braava Jet m Series: (All light indications)

White Light:

  • When swirling clockwise: It means that the device is starting or updating software.
  • Solid White staying idle: The device is fully charged.
  • When it’s pulsing bottom half: The Robot is fully charged and sitting on the dock.
  • When the ring stops at a certain point while moving and making an arch: It indicates different charging percentages of the device, i.e., 33%, 50%, 67%, and 85%.
  • If the ring light shows a periodic white sweep: It means that it’s in the middle of performing a cleaning task.

Blue Light:

  • If spinning clockwise: It denotes that the device is pairing with the Wi-Fi.
  • When it is swirling counterclockwise: Know that spot cleaning is happening.
  • When it marches forward: The Robovac is heading back towards the base station or dock.
  • Ring light flashes blue: The Dirt Detect mode is activated.
  • The Robot empties the bin into Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal when it sweeps forward.
  • The ring light pings blue, indicating that the virtual wall is detected.

Red Light:

  • When the ring light shows solid red color: There’s some error in the device, and you should tap the clean button for details or check on the mobile app.
  • If it’s pulsing red, the charging is too low. And you must put the device on charge.
  • The ring light is sweeping toward the rear, hold different meanings depending upon the model. For s Series, it notifies to empty the bin. However, on m Series, it means filling the tank.
  • It shows the battery status if it’s under 15% by moving in circular motions.

Roomba i7, i3, i1, and j7 Series: (All Light Effects and Descriptions)

White Light:

  • Solid white circle: The device is fully charged.
  • Pulsing white: indicates that the device is in charging mode. (for j series only)
  • Periodic white sweep indication: notifies that the device is doing a cleaning job.
  • If it’s swirling clockwise, the device is either updating the software or getting started.

Blue Light:

  • If it’s spinning clockwise, the device is getting paired to Wi-Fi.
  • Blue Ping: It detects the Keep Out Zone (j series) and Virtual Wall.
  • When it flashes: Dirt Detect gets activated.
  • It sweeps forward: which means emptying Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal.
  • When it marches forward: the Robot is driving back to the dock.
  • If swirling counterclockwise, spot cleaning.

Red Light:

  • Solid Red: Error Detected (tap the button the get more details about the error)
  • If the circle sweeps toward the rear, the bin has gotten full. Action needed!
  • If it pulses red, the robot is low on battery and needs to be charged.

Although newer versions of Roomba Robot use only three color lights that combine with sound and app notifications, older versions used green and amber lights to communicate the device’s current status. Older versions mainly showed battery status through light indication.

Roomba 500, 600, 700, 800, and 900 series: (Battery Status and Light Indication)

These models don’t show any light whenever the device is updated or partially charged.

  • Green light means the device is fully charged.
  • Red (flashing or blinking) refers to a low or drained battery.
  • When the device is charging, it shows a pulsing amber color.
  • Amber color means that the battery is partially drained (only on the 500 and 600 series)
  • While charging, the light pulses every 4 seconds on the 500 and 600 series and stays on for 60 seconds on the 700, 800, and 900 series.

Point Not To Miss!

This note is specially for those who have Roomba i7, s9, and Braava Jet m6 Robot – that too with enabled Beta Option in iRobot Home App.

These three variants have a slightly different light ring pattern and usage. If you see a hibernating pattern on the ring light, don’t get confused. It’s just a sign that your robovac is fully charged and currently resting on the dock. The solid light will emerge for 10 seconds once the device is fully charged. The ring light will fade in and out from the right bottom for 7 seconds before the light that will turn off for a good 12.5 seconds. Similar to this, the right light will do the same on the left bottom.

On the other hand, you will also see a spinning arch pattern on other models including i3, and i1 that will show the percentage of charged battery with right placement.

This pattern can be easily deactivated by tapping the clean button for not more than two seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is Roomba light when charging?

Roomba Robot Vacuum cleaner shows white ring light when it’s charging. Solid white refers to fully charged, whereas pulsing white means that the device is getting charged (for the j series only).

What does blue light on Roomba mean?

Blue light indicates that the Robot is performing some unique task. If your Roomba shows blue light using different patterns, it is busy doing jobs like driving back to the dock, pairing to the Wi-Fi, spot cleaning, emptying the bin, and activating Dirt Detect or Virtual Wall.

What does the Red light on Roomba mean?

The red light indicates that there is something wrong with the device. Keep in mind that some action is required whenever you notice solid red or blinking red light on your Roomba Robot. To know the details of the error, tap the CLEAN button or check your iRobot Mobile App.

What does White light on Roomba mean?

The white light on Roomba means that everything is normal. It may be charging, fully charged, or starting up while showing a white ring light in multiple effects.

The End:

Roomba Robot is indeed one of the best gift technology has ever given to mankind. The structure, enhanced mechanism, the ease it brings to the users, and the luxury it offers – every aspect of this robovac is phenomenal. Operating an automated vacuum cleaner might sound difficult. But, it is not as complicated as it seems to be. By getting familiar with all lights patterns and their meanings, you can effortlessly handle it.

If you are having trouble understanding the light pattern, just tap the button and the sound will guide you through. Moreover, iRobot Home App displays the descriptions of all tasks and errors too.

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