Dyson Airway Blocked: How to Solve This Message Easily

Dyson Airway

A vacuum’s suction strength might diminish if its air intake gets obstructed. The possibility exists that it has no sucking power at all. This issue requires quick attention. A notice informing you that your vacuum’s air duct is obstructed may appear on the display of your Dyson vacuum cleaner at some point.  Let’s discover why it happens.

Why Does The Dyson Airway Get Blocked?

Many different things might cause an air duct to get blocked. It all depends on what you’re vacuuming and how you’re handling your vacuum. However, additional factors can impede the Dyson vacuum’s ability to function.

  • Failure to clean Dyson filters monthly.
  • Not emptying the trash can.
  • Eliminating grime that has stuck to surfaces.
  • Using replica or fake Dyson parts
  • Incompatible Dyson plugs.

If you need a replacement component for your Dyson vacuum, you can only get it from Dyson. Using a local vacuum attachment and components might sometimes do more harm than benefit.

Airway Obstruction and the Consequences of Delaying.

A Dyson vacuum’s sucking performance will rapidly degrade if its airway is obstructed. Therefore, it is essential to remove the obstruction as early as possible. If you don’t, you might have to deal with these repercussions:

  • Less suction power, which leads to worse performance.
  • Lack of adequate cooling of the vacuum’s motor leading to premature failure.
  • The vacuum might start to stink when it becomes old.
  • Dust emissions may substantially rise.

How Can I Know If My Dyson Is Clogged?

A Dyson vacuum’s suction can be diminished for several causes, air obstruction is one of them. The question then becomes how to detect an air duct obstruction.

The following are symptoms of a clogged Dyson air duct.

  • Dyson V11, 12, and 15 model vacuums, and other recent models, display an “Airway Blocked” warning on the LCD screen if the air filter becomes clogged.
  • The vacuum’s performance will degrade to the point that it either stops sucking or significantly reduces the amount it sucks.
  • It will not be possible to look into the hoover.
  • It will begin flashing blue lights. If the battery indicator shows blue light for an extended period, the device runs on low power.

It’s important to remember to turn off the Dyson and disconnect the power cord before disassembling or inspecting the vacuum. Doing so while the vacuum is on presents a risk of electric shock.

The Solution to Dyson Airway Obstruction

  • Identifying the source of the obstruction in the airway is the first step in fixing the problem.
  • Read on for some troubleshooting techniques you may use right at home.
  • Remove any fasteners and components.
  • Get your finger on the trigger and keep it there for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • When the blinking blue light stops, it’s time to look for obstructions in the Dyson components and rods.
  • If there is dirt in the dustbin, check it and clean it out.
  • If the blinking blue light stops after pressing the trigger again for ten to fifteen seconds, the problem has been fixed.
  • The dustbin can be emptied if Dyson’s blue light is still flashing.
  • To get rid of the finest particles, shake the vacuum.
  • Connect the surface brush to the Dyson cleaner and reattach the container.
  • Keep your finger on the trigger again and hold it there for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Blinking blue light indicates a problem with the Dyson filter; try cleaning it or replacing it if the problem persists.

Considerations To Help You Avoid Clogs

Finding the precise location of the obstruction in your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s air hose or duct can be quite a hunt.

1. Clean Your Dyson

Maintaining a clean Dyson is essential. However, keeping a Dyson clean requires more than simply emptying the dustbin.

2. Use The Vacuum For Its Intended Purpose

Only certain surfaces are suitable for usage with the Dyson. Vacuuming is limited to dirt that is too large or sticky to ignore. For instance, were you aware that sucking up pine needles might cause a blockage?

3. Empty The Bin From Time To Time

Dirt accumulating in Dyson’s dust canister over time will eventually clog up the machine and cause it to smell bad.

4. Replacement Of Components

Dyson vacuums are known for having removable components. Accordingly, replacement is essential for the different components of the Dyson vacuum.


How does the Dyson obstruction light work?

This visual system alerts the user of a blockage in airflow before the motor is damaged. A blocked filter or mechanical obstruction is frequently to blame for this problem. The machinery pulses between being on and off very quickly.

In what ways can a clogged vacuum be unclogged?

Force the clogged material out of the hose by inserting one end into a trash bag and poking another end with the end of a mop pole. If your canister or bag vacuum is clogged, you can repair it by checking the obstruction with your finger. Then, take out as much as you can and throw it away.

Can you clean Dyson’s interior?

Yes. To keep your machine in good working order, clean the filter every three months. Please do not use it if it has fallen into water; instead, call the Dyson Helpline.

How long does a Dyson vacuum last?

The average Dyson vacuum lasts for around ten years. Thus, a Dyson would be an excellent option if you want a durable and long-lasting vacuum cleaner.


If your Dyson vacuum displays the warning “Airway Blockage,” it’s because there’s debris jammed in one of the attachments or components. It may be avoided in the future if the vacuum cleaner is maintained and the Dyson filters are cleaned once a month. Dyson filters should be changed annually.

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