Dyson V10 vs V11: What Are The Differences


If you spend a significant amount of money on a Dyson hoover, it’s essential to understand how they vary. However, this might be challenging when they seem superficially identical.

To help you decide between the Dyson V11 and the V10, we’ve compiled this side-by-side comparison. These two models’ key distinctions, advantages, and disadvantages have now been laid bare for your perusal.

Product Overviews

1. Dyson V11

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive is an excellent choice if you need a vacuum that can clean carpets and hard surfaces. The vacuum is adaptable to a variety of flooring options. The vacuum can even adjust its suction strength based on the surface type it detects.

The most potent Dyson cleaning head, the Torque Drive, is responsible for this neat function. Its firm nylon bristles can get to the bottom of carpets and pull out the most deeply embedded grime.

In addition, it includes anti-static carbon fibre filaments that are gentle enough to pick up dust and other microscopic particles from hard floors without attracting static electricity.

We also like that the vacuum’s battery life is always clearly shown. The remaining battery life is displayed on a convenient LCD panel.

  • Dyson’s V11 motor is their most powerful one yet. This suction machine operates at a whopping 125,000 cycles per minute.
  • The LCD panel provides information on performance, power mode, run duration, maintenance reminders, and blockage reports.
  • The Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) can tell the difference between carpet and hard floors and adjust the motor speed accordingly when vacuuming.
  • It has three distinct cleaning settings—eco, auto, and boost—so you can adjust the intensity according to the grime you’re tackling.
  • If you’re looking for a Dyson cordless vacuum, look no further; this one has a battery life that rivals or exceeds theirs for up to a whole hour.
  • It changes into a portable shape, making it convenient for use in tight spaces like vehicle seats, under seats, and on stairs.
  • As the dust container is located at the very top of the machine, it might be unwieldy for certain users to move about.
  • It is impossible to see beneath couches or around corners without LED spotlights.
  • It’s a considerable investment as well as a very pricey vacuum.

2. Dyson Cyclone V10

If your floors are entirely carpeted or even largely carpeted, a vacuum cleaner built for hard floors may be overkill. However, the Dyson Cyclone V10 is an affordable option that excels on carpets.

The bright side is that it still performs well on hard surfaces. So refrain from fretting about the state of your tiled kitchen and bathroom flooring. Cleanup may still be accomplished in this way.

However, the direct-drive cleaning head’s firm nylon bristles are powerful enough to extract ground-in filth from carpets. Almost perfect; the V11’s anti-static filaments are missing. But this vacuum has more great qualities that will make you adore it.

The balance of this vacuum cleaner, for one, is impeccable. It feels great in hand. It’s so easy to use you can even aim it towards a corner of a very tall ceiling.

  • The average pace may be maintained for up to 60 minutes without auxiliary equipment.
  • It weighs just 5.05llbs, which means it is very lightweight and well-balanced.
  • It converts into a handheld gadget, allowing you to explore every nook and corner of the environment.
  • The slim, bendable form allows easy access to tight spaces like those beneath beds and couches.
  • There are three primary levels of suction power—mode one, mode two, and mode max—to accommodate a wide range of messes.
  • Included in the package is a docking station that allows you to hang the device on the wall for storage.
  • The vacuum cleaner has a high frequency of cleaning requirements and is not the most user-friendly appliance to clean.
  • Even in the lowest suction setting, which is great for preserving battery life, it isn’t very effective at picking up pet hair.

Differences Between Dyson V10 and V11

1.     Shape and Weight

At first appearance, the V10 and the V11 seem to be interchangeable with one another. However, there are a few subtle design distinctions.

The V11 is the heaviest of the series because of its bigger battery. The V10 weighs 5.05llbs, whereas the V11 is 6.68llbs. Although neither vacuum is heavy, the V11 is the heavier of the two in hand.

The V11’s LCD screen is the most noteworthy of its new design features. The panel displays information such as maintenance notifications and the remaining battery life in minutes and seconds. This handy update occurs at runtime and adjusts itself to the current power mode and tool used.

The V10, on the other hand, lacks any time-based indication, instead opting for a simple battery life bar. In addition, there is no display on it.

The Dyson V11 and V10 are similar, except for the screen and the fact that the V11 is bulkier. They both have substantial dustbin capacity for cordless vacuums, at 0.76 litres. In addition to being bagless, they include Dyson’s “Point and Shoot” dirt bin emptying mechanism, which allows for more efficient dirt discharge and less dust accumulation.

The V10 and V11 both have Dyson’s “Trigger” mechanism, which is worth highlighting. This extends the battery life but requires constant finger pressure on the trigger, which might become tedious if you need to clean a large area.

2.     Suction and Cleaning Efficiency

The Dyson V10 and V11 clean almost any floor surface. They feature three power settings, a high-quality floor head, and suction that can compete with many corded vacuums.

In addition, Dyson’s two-tiered radial cyclones avoid suction loss even when the bin fills up. These cyclones are also included in the V10 and V11.

The V11 does cost more, so you would expect it to perform better. However, it does serve better, to the point that there is no competition over which vacuum cleaner is better.

Dyson says the increased battery capacity provides 20% greater suction than the V10. This is shown by a maximum power output of 185 Air Watts, as opposed to the 150 Air Watts offered by the Dyson V10 Cyclone.

The V11 also comes equipped with Dyson’s innovative Torque Drive floor-head. It has a stronger motor than the direct-drive floor-head that comes standard with the V10 so that the stiff bristles will do a better job cleaning.

However, the V10 has a top-notch floor-head compared to other cordless vacuums. The V11 indeed has more robust brush bar motors, but the V10 still has a top-notch performance on any floor type.

The V11 has several innovative new features, one of which is the “Dynamic Load Sensor” technology developed by Dyson.

Therefore, while using the V11’s “Auto” cleaning mode (which replaces the “Medium” cleaning mode), the primary floor head (High Torque) can automatically recognize the kind of flooring and adjust the vacuum’s suction accordingly.

It’s a helpful addition, particularly if your house has many flooring options. It helps save battery life as well. Unfortunately, the V10 lacks this smart function; the cleaning mode must be set manually.

3.     Cleaning the Floors

Dyson’s V10 and V11 vacuum cleaners, in particular, are very effective on various floor types. Both include a universal floorhead that works on surfaces and a side suction for cleaning around walls and other obstacles.

Despite their similarities, we recommend the V11 since it does a superior job on carpets. It has a powerful enough brush bar to agitate the carpet fibres and efficiently cleans both low-pile and long-pile carpets.

While the V10 is likewise quite successful at cleaning carpets, it is less effective due to its weaker brush bar force and suction.

The two vacuums are similar in terms of cleaning effectiveness on hard surfaces. The V11 is better at sucking dirt and dust out from between floors because of its more potent suction, but the V10 is almost as effective.

Those living in homes with a lot of hard floors should purchase a model with a “Fluffy” Soft Roller floorhead since it is excellent at cleaning up both minute particles and huge trash. However, the V10 and V11 perform well on hard floors with standard floorheads.

Both the V10 and the V11 have comparable manoeuvrability in the cleaning department. This is because they are similarly simple to manoeuvre, and the movable floorhead joint facilitates thorough cleaning even in tight spaces such as under beds and other low furnishings.

The V11, however, wins the category because of its superior deep-carpet cleaning capabilities.

Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners generally tend to feel top-heavy, and the V11’s heftier build makes this issue significantly worse.

4.     Purification from the Ceiling

When cleaning tasks above the floor, the vacuums are similar. Both are great for cleaning up messes throughout the house because of their powerful suction, removable floorhead, handheld mode, and extension wand for hard-to-reach areas.

However, the V10’s lighter build makes it the more practical choice if we must choose a winner here.

When removing pet hair, there is, once again, minimal variation in effectiveness. If you have a dog or cat, these vacuums are a fantastic option since they are one of the finest cordless vacuums for picking up pet hair.

When it comes to carpets, the full brush bars perform an outstanding job of removing hair, while the compact, motorized tool removes hair from upholstery and vehicle interiors.

Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners generally tend to feel top-heavy, and the V11’s heftier build makes this issue significantly worse.

5.     Details on Battery Capacity, Usage, and Recharging

Given that the maximum run duration of the Dyson V10 and V11 vacuums is 60 minutes, this comparison may be a draw.

However, this is the maximum time a battery may last in eco mode while using manual tools. The V11’s battery cells are up to 50% larger than the V10. The battery is also larger at 29.4V compared to 25.2V in the V10.

To put it another way, the V11 has a greater tolerance for operating at high power for extended periods than the V10. Using the “Auto” setting on the V11, the vacuum will automatically adjust

to the floor type to maximize efficiency and minimize battery use. While the V10’s “Normal” setting provides for around 25-30 minutes of use, the “Auto” setting of the V11 allows for anything between 25-45 minutes of use.

In addition, the V11 has a runtime of roughly 12 minutes while using maximum suction, which is almost 50% longer than the V10’s runtime of 8 minutes when using the same setting.

These settings (also referred to as “max mode” or “boost mode”) are great for when you need a boost in power, but they may drain your battery if you use them too often.

Unfortunately, the V11’s increased battery life comes at the expense of an additional hour’s worth of charging time (4.5 hours against 3.5 hours for the V10).

6.     Filtration

The Dyson V10 and V11 have the company’s whole-machine filtration and a HEPA filter. Therefore this is a tie. Incorporating these features means the vacuums will trap and hold onto allergens better than those with standard foam filters.

As the Dyson HEPA filter is designed to last the life of the vacuum, you shouldn’t have to buy new ones.

7.     Equipment and Accessories

Both cordless vacuums produced by Dyson include high-quality tools and have a design that allows them to be removed easily. In addition, the charging and docking station are included in the package.

In terms of extras, the V10 and V11 have the same components apart from the significant floorhead. In addition, both Absolute models come with a Soft Roller for better hard floor pickup.

Despite the V11’s automated suction adjustment, the Soft Roller cannot use it. So if your house is mainly made up of hard surfaces, you won’t be able to take advantage of a significant improvement introduced in version 11.

8.     Costs and Benefits

Dyson’s V10 and V11 cordless vacuum cleaners are, without question, the finest on the market. Both are robust and efficient, delivering top-notch cleaning results and a wealth of convenient extras.

The Dyson V11 has several new features, but are they worth the price? To get the most significant vacuum, we recommend spending the additional money on the V11. Compared to the V10, it cleans better since its raw suction power is higher, its battery life is longer in the settings you’ll be utilizing, and its High Torque floorhead is more advanced.

The V11 also has several improvements over the V10. The battery life indicator LCD is a nice touch that makes using it a breeze. In addition, the adjustable suction technology impressed us since it allowed us to get the most out of our batteries without compromising performance.

However, if you are solely concerned with cleaning efficiency, the V10 is the superior buy. Priced cheaper than the V11, it performs almost as well on all terrains.

Comparison Table

ProductDyson V11Dyson V10
Best forWood Flooring and CarpetsCarpets
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery Powered
FiltrationAdvanced Whole Machine FiltrationFully Sealed Filtration System
Cleaner HeadPowerful, surface-adjustable torque of the cleaning headDirect drive
Battery TimingMore than 60 minsMore than 60 mins
Included Accessoriesmini-motorized, crevice, dirt, and dusting brushes, as well as soft dusting brushes, etc.Crevice and combination tool with no brush attachment
Cleaning ModesEco, Auto and BoostSuction 1, Suction 2, Max Suction


Which Dyson Model, the V10 Or V11, Performs Better?

The Dyson V11 includes a primary cleaning head that receives 8.38% more airflow than the V10 and a wand that receives 10.2% more airflow than the V10, which results in an improved overall cleaning performance on the carpet. In addition, smart suction: Contained inside the primary cleaning head of the V11 is a sensor that analyzes the surface being cleaned and then adjusts the suction to the appropriate level.

Are the Batteries for the Dyson V10 and V11 the Same?

These vacuum cleaners include battery packs that can be charged through a plug-in and are rated to last for up to an hour, with the roller head providing up to forty minutes of uninterrupted suction power.

Should Anyone Invest in a Dyson V11?

Incredibly satisfying to use, the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is a joy to use. It’s robust, efficient, and can be customized for most dry cleaning tasks around the home, thanks to its assortment of attachments. This cordless vacuum cleaner is a little pricey, but it has a long enough battery life to be helpful around the home despite its weight.


You should be aware of several key differences between the Dyson V10 and V11 before making your purchase. The most significant difference is the price, with the V11 being significantly more expensive than the V10. However, the V11 also offers a longer run time and greater suction power so it may be worth the extra cost for some users.

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