Dyson V11 vs V15: Which Vacuum Reigns Supreme?

V11 Vs V15

Are you searching for a top-of-the-line cordless vacuum to tackle all your cleaning needs? If so, Dyson’s latest creation is definitely worth checking out.

However, with so many dazzling models and a wide array of unique features, it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. But fear not!

That’s where the Dyson V15–the latest and greatest from Dyson– comes in. Its advanced features and top-notch performance have taken the cleaning world by storm.

Given all the buzz surrounding this cordless vacuum, it’s natural to wonder how it compares to its predecessor, the Dyson V11.

The question on everyone’s mind is, which is the better choice?

In this ultimate battle, we’ll compare the Dyson V15 to the Dyson V11 and help you decide which fits your needs.

So, buckle up and get ready to see how the Dyson V15 stacks up against the V11.

Dyson V11 vs. V15 – Quick Difference!

Let’s review the specifications for the Dyson V11 and V15 to help you make an informed decision. Take a look and see which one best aligns with your needs!

FeaturesDyson V11Dyson V15
Suction power185 AW230 AW
Run timeUp to 60 minUp to 60 min
Dimensions50.6″L,9.8″W,10.3″D49.6″ L, 9.8″ W,10.3″H
Weight6.68 lbs6.8 lbs
Dustbin capacity0.76 L0.77 L
LCD ScreenYesYes
Cleaner headHigh torque cleaner head  (in some models)High torque cleaner head + Laser slim fluffy roller head  
Battery life (Turbo mode)7 min8 min
Laser technologyN/ALaser dust detection
Piezo sensorN/AAcoustic sensing technology
Information provisionBasic LED DisplayDigital LED Display with real-time performance tracking
Noise level82 decibels 73 decibels

Dyson V15 offers many exciting new features that will drive your heart, but is it worth the extra money over the V11? Keep reading to find out!

Dyson V11

Tired of lugging that bulky, cumbersome vacuum cleaner around your home? Well, Dyson V11 is the cordless vacuum cleaner changing the game for home cleaning. Its intelligent cleaning modes and long-lasting battery make it the ideal cleaning machine.

No matter what type of flooring you have, from plush carpets to sleek hardwoods, the V11 is designed to tackle them all effortlessly.

The Dyson V11 features a powerful motor and innovative cyclone technology. It can suck up even the tiniest particles, leaving your floors sparkling.

The intelligent cleaning modes on the V11 vacuum cleaner are fantastic! It can detect the surface type and adjust its suction power accordingly. That way, it can clean more efficiently and effectively without you having to do anything!

As a result, you may effortlessly switch between cleaning different floors without manually modifying any settings.

In addition, the V11 also boasts a long battery life, lasting up to 60 minutes on a single charge. So, you can clean your entire house without worrying about the battery dying.

The V11 is a sleek and contemporary vacuum cleaner that is simple to use around the house. It’s lightweight, weighing only 6.68 pounds, making cleaning a snap.

The V11 comes in three variants: Absolute, Animal, and Torque Drive. Each variation has its functions that cater to various cleaning requirements.

AbsoluteAnimalTorque Drive
Handle any filth and mess.Designed for homes with pets.Ideal for houses with a variety of floor types.
  • 3 cleaning modes (eco, auto, or boost)
  • Dual-purpose design (Handheld & full-stick vacuum)
  • Fading-free cleaning for up to 60 minutes.
  • Powerful HEPA 13 filtration system
  • Easy to maintain
  • Washable filters & brush roll
  • Wall-mounted bracket
  • Limited dustbin capacity
  • Noisy at high suction settings.
  • Expensive
  • Plastic design seems flimsy.
  • No stain-removing mopping attachment

Dyson V15

If you’re looking for a vacuum that is easy to use, lightweight, and powerful, the Dyson V15 is a no-brainer. You will never want to use your old, bulky vacuum again after using this little guy!

The V15 is a light vacuum, weighing just 6.8 pounds. It’s Dyson’s latest and most expensive stick vacuum. It’s beautiful and has Dyson’s 125,000 rpm signature strong motor, making it a force to be reckoned with when it comes to suction power.

Its cordless design allows you to move it freely throughout your house. Also, its simple buttons make adjusting the suction power a snap.

V15 comes with an anti-tangle conical brush with a unique cone shape that redirects hair to the edge, preventing it from getting tangled up in the bristles.

Also, it has a laser that shoots from the front of the motorized head. So what’s the point, you may wonder?

The laser illuminates dust particles in your path, simplifying detecting and removing even the most minor bits of filth.

As if that weren’t enough, the vacuum includes a piezo sensor that counts the number of particles the V15 is sucking up and displays the particle sizes on the LCD.

The sensor also changes the power level automatically to fit how unclean your floors are. Thus, this vacuum has your back when dealing with a messy situation.

What’s even better?

This vacuum cleaner is a powerhouse—with a 60-minute operating duration and 230 air watts of suction power. It comes in two versions: Detect and Absolute, each with unique functions.

  • Most powerful suction power
  • Removable and replaceable battery
  • Anti-tangle conical brush prevents hair wrapping.
  • Long battery life (up to 60 min)
  • Fluffy washable & High Torque cleaning head
  • Laser brush roll to detect dust
  • It includes numerous accessories
  • Priciest model
  • The laser feature only functions on hard floors.
  • It just lasts a minute longer than V11 in turbo mode.

Dyson V11 vs. V15; In-depth Comparison

The Dyson V11 and V15 cordless vacuums are big stars with many features that make cleaning more accessible and efficient. Let’s go through both vacs in detail, compare their features, and help you determine the best fit for your requirements.

What are the Similarities?

There are significant similarities between the Dyson V11 and V15 when compared. The similarities include the following:

Run time

Cordless vacuums are game-changers when it comes to cleaning without being tethered to a power source.

V11 and V15 take this advantage up a notch with impressive runtimes of up to 60 minutes on the lowest power setting. This means you can clean large areas or tackle even the most stubborn messes without interruption.

With these two vacs, you can rest easy knowing you have the power to get the job done, no matter how big or small.


The Dyson V15 and V11 range may look very similar with the plastic casing housing the motor and cyclones that spin dirt and dust into the bin. Yet the similarities in design don’t end there.

Both cordless vacuums feature a sleek, modern appearance, with primarily plastic bodies and signature Dyson red accents. The dimensions of both vacs are almost identical, with the V11 measuring (50.6″L,9.8″W,10.3″D) and the V15 (49.6″ L, 9.8″ W,10.3″H). Even the weight (3 kilograms) is comparable too.

However, V11 is somewhat taller and slightly lighter.

These two vacs boast a 2.5 cm LCD digital display on the top that shows the selected power setting and the remaining runtime. And like other vacuums, both models show error messages when there’s an issue with the filters or a clog.

It’s a helpful reminder!

But the V15 takes things to the next level, showing you the size and number of dust particles being sucked up. How cool is that, right?

What else?

Dyson V11 and V15 offer stick and handheld modes, allowing you to choose the mode that best suits your cleaning needs. Additionally, both versions have a high torque cleaner head that adapts to the floor type and automatically adjusts the suction power accordingly.

Dirt container

Another thing these two vacs have in common is the dirt container with a capacity of 0.76-0.77 liters. The container is a perfect size. It’s not so tiny that you must empty it continuously, but not too large that it becomes difficult to operate.

It’s terrific news for anybody who must stop a mid-cleaning session from emptying their vacuum.

And when it does come time to empty the canister, you can do so similarly for both models—no need to learn a whole new process for each vacuum.

With V11 & V15, you don’t need to stick your hand in to dislodge stubborn dirt or debris! Great for allergy sufferers.

Powerful Batteries

The V11 and V15 models come equipped with 3600 mAh batteries that take a speedy 4.5 hours to recharge. And, get this, they even come with a sleek docking station for all your charging needs.

But wait, are these batteries removable?

The V11 has a non-removable battery, which some users may find restrictive. However, with the V15, you can switch out the old battery for a fresh one. This ensures that you always have the power to tackle any mess.

This way, you may continue cleaning without stopping to recharge the battery. Of course, this feature is handy if you purchase an additional battery.

What are the differences?

Although the V11 and V15 have certain similarities, they also have some key differences. These differences include:

Suction Power

The V15 and V11 feature powerful motors that can spin up to 125k RPM. The Dyson V15’s motor generates 230 Air Watts of suction power, 24% more than the V11 range’s 185 Air Watts.

Both vacuum cleaners have three power levels: Eco, Medium, and Boost.

In Eco power mode, the suction power of the V15 and the V11 are neck and neck. But, when it comes to getting dirty, the V15 is the obvious champ in the Medium and Boost modes.

With 24% more power than the V11 in Boost mode, the V15 can quickly remove even the most stubborn ground-in dirt without sacrificing battery life.

It also has 14 cyclones that provide a vast 100,000g of centrifugal force, making it more effective in trapping dust and grime in the bin. The V15 can even adjust its suction power automatically depending on the number of dust particles it picks up due to its innovative piezo sensor. It’s level of intelligence that the V11 doesn’t have.

Noise level

Do you know what makes us happy? A vacuum that doesn’t wake up the entire neighborhood!

And luckily for us, the Dyson V15, with its maximum noise level of only 73 decibels, is ready to save the day. That may not be whisper-quiet, but it is noticeably quieter than the Dyson V11, which measures 82 decibels!

However, when the vacuum frequency shifts mode, it may be unpleasant to the ears.


Well, for starters, these machines’ high-torque cleaning heads may seem similar, but they’re not identical. The Dyson V11 has a high torque 1.0 cleaning head, while the V15 goes one step further with a high torque 2.0 head developed exclusively for carpets. With 56 polycarbonate teeth, this head shreds hair into tiny bits, preventing tangles around the bristles and ensuring a thorough clean every time.

But the V15 doesn’t stop there. When it comes to hard-floor cleaning, it includes a laser slim fluffy roller head that’s ideally suited for the job. What sets it apart from the V11 is the laser diode mounted at an angle of 1.5 degrees and 7.2mm from the ground, which shines a green light in front of the cleaning head.

It isn’t all. The V15 additionally has an acoustic piezo sensor that can count and size dust particles, which the V11 series doesn’t have.

And if you’re sick of continuously untangling hair from your vacuum’s bristles, the V15 has you covered. The anti-tangle hair screw is a brilliant idea that ensures hair flows naturally towards the slimmer end of the tool, making it far less likely to become tangled and create frustration.

Filter–ULPA Vs. HEPA

The Dyson V11 has a HEPA 13 filter, which effectively captures allergens and pollutants. With a retention rate of more than 99.95%, this filter is highly effective in trapping even the smallest particles. It’s an excellent solution for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma.

The Ultra-Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filter in the V15, which has a retention rate of over 99.9995%, elevates things to the next level. This filter is even more effective at catching small particles hiding in your house.

The V15’s ULPA filter can filter out pet dander, dust mites, and other airborne irritants. You may relax knowing that your air is as clean as it can be thanks to its ULPA filter.


V15 comes with a higher price tag than its predecessor V11.

“Why should I pay extra for the V15 when the V11 is already so good?” you may be wondering, right?

Well, the answer is simple!

The V15 is superior owing to its sophisticated features. Hence, while the V15 is more expensive than the V11, we believe it’s worth the extra money.

After all, you’re not just purchasing a vacuum cleaner; you’re also purchasing peace of mind in knowing that your home is as clean as possible.

Why Should You Choose Dyson V11?

If you’re on a tight budget or don’t have much hard flooring in your home. In such a situation, the Dyson V11 is an excellent choice. The V11 works well on all surfaces with its robust High Torque head, making it versatile and efficient.

V11’s robust motor and superior filtering technology are ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners. Plus, thanks to its digital display and intelligent suction adjustment, this helps you easily monitor performance and power use.

Why Should You Choose Dyson V15?

It’s time to upgrade to the Dyson V15 if you want the most thorough clean, and particulate data of what you’re cleaning. The V15’s innovative laser technology reveals even the most concealed dust and dirt, leaving your floors as good as new.

And don’t forget about the noise level–the V15 is meant to be quieter than other vacuums. Plus, it works a bit longer on turbo mode.

Furthermore, with the unique Fluffy Roller created exclusively for hard floors, V15 will clean your floor gently yet effectively. Sure, you’ll need to switch rollers as you move between surfaces.

V15 will cost you more money, but it’s hands-down the best cordless vacuum you can buy.


Does the Dyson V15 include two batteries?

The Dyson V15 has one powerful battery that offers plenty of cleaning time on a single charge. However, if you want to ensure you’re always ready to tackle any mess, you can purchase an additional battery separately for just $150.

How long is Dyson’s V11 & V15 warranty?

Dyson offers a 2-year warranty on all cordless vacuums and their components. If your cordless vacuum is still under warranty and you have problems with the battery or other parts, you may replace them for free.

Can you use the Dyson V15 on the carpet?

The Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner is versatile and efficient. It has various tools and attachments, such as a mini motorized and a crevice tool, to help you fully clean carpets.

Final Verdict

It might not be easy to choose between the Dyson V11 and V15. The Dyson V11 and V15 are high-tech cordless vacuums with strong suction, superior filtration, advanced features, and a stylish design.

While determining which model is best for you, keep your cleaning demands, budget, and special features in mind.

In our opinion, if you want the most advanced features, the V15 is definitely the way to go. On the other hand, if you have carpeted flooring and enjoy a less pricey model, V11 is the best choice for you.

Happy Cleaning!

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