Dyson V8 Absolute vs V8 Animal: A Detailed Comparison

Dyson V8

Dyson stands among the top vacuum brands when it comes to top-quality cordless stick vacuums. It keeps on introducing newer models with excellent features and innovative technology that cater to the needs of Dyson’s advanced and evolved users. 

If you plan to get hassle-free cordless stick vacuums, its V8 category offers the best cordless vacuum cleaners and is immensely popular for the right reason. V8 has three variants: Animal, Absolute and Motorhead. But, Dyson V8 Animal and Absolute are the talks of the town! 

Not sure which one you should buy? 

Although both variants look similar from the outside, some minor differences set them apart. What makes Dyson V8 Absolute different from V8 Animal? This article will extensively compare the two, highlighting their pros and cons, features, performance, similarities and differences. So you can make the right choice as per your needs!

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal; Quick Difference!

Before moving to the detailed comparison, have a glance over their similarities and differences.

ModelDyson V8 Absolute Dyson V8 Animal
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery Powered
Motor TypeDigital Digital
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, CarpetCarpet
Suction115 AW115 AW
Runtime 40 Minutes40 Minutes
Bin Capacity0.54 L0.54 L
Wattage350 watts120 watts
Power ModesPowerful (longer, routine clean) Max (up to 7 mins of high power)Powerful (longer, routine clean) Max (up to 7 mins of high power)
Dimensions9.84 x 49.45 x 8.9 inches9.8 x 49 x 8.2 inches
HEPA FiltrationYesYes
Cleaner HeadDirect Drive with Soft RollerDirect Drive without Soft Roller
Crevice ToolYesYes
Combination ToolYesYes
Mini Motorized ToolYesYes
Dusting BrushYesYes
Dock StationYesYes
Perfect ForFor Daily Use and Dirt Pickup (Good for Pet Hair)Deep cleaning carpets (Best for Pet Hair)
CostSee PriceSee Price

What is the difference between a Dyson V8 Animal and Absolute? It’s the most repeated question that gets asked by people wanting to buy a V8 stick vacuum. 

Let’s dive deep into the features and performance of both models to find the answer!

Dyson V8 Absolute

Ideal for hard floors, Dyson V8 Absolute is a great choice for day-to-day cleaning tasks. It picks up large debris quickly and glides well on carpets. It’s a stellar appliance that helps you do all the cleaning chores efficiently with less effort. Dyson V8 Absolute has tons of additional tools and accessories perfect for hard-to-reach areas. This versatile cleaner transforms into a handheld to clean upholstery, sofas and stairs. 

Dyson V8 Absolute offers great manoeuvrability as it is lightweight and compact. Weighing only 5.7 pounds, you can easily lift this vacuum to clean the ceilings without getting your arms strained. Dyson V8 Absolute is hard to beat when it comes to cleaning up the daily messes on delicate and vinyl floors. It has strong suction power and a direct drive cleaner head with the addition of a Soft Roller that picks up all the debris, including cereal and pet hair. Be carefree even if you have fluffy carpets at your home; this powerful vacuum will dig out all the hidden dirt. 

Dyson V8 Absolute is one of the best high-end cordless vacuums you can get your hands on!


  • Versatile; easily converts into a handheld to clean tricky areas
  • Lightweight and Wall Mounted Dock station
  • Perfect for both hard floors and carpets
  • Comes with additional tools and a soft roller
  • Up to 40 minutes of battery life
  • HEPA filtration ensures clean air and traps all allergens. 
  • Hygienic Dirt Drainage System


  • Short Dustbin Capacity for homes with pets 
  • Shorter battery life (needs to be replaced every year, costly)
  • A little expensive
  • Cannot deep clean carpets

Dyson V8 Animal

Dyson V8 Animal is one step ahead of other stick vacuums due to its sleek design, amazing functionality, manoeuvrability, and longer battery life. Like the Absolute variant, the Animal variant has many features and accessories. It deep cleans low-pile carpets. Pets, especially cats, shed a lot and leave hair, dander and other things in every corner of your home. It gets really difficult to get pesky bits of pet hair out of the carpets – and Dyson V8 Animal is just the right choice for pet owners. 

V8 Animal captures dirt particles as little as 3 micrometres – leaving the surface crystal clear on every move. The vacuum’s pistol grip and ergonomic structure feel extremely comfortable. It has a longer battery life that lasts for a maximum of 40 minutes in standard mode. However, the battery will last around 10 minutes if used in power mode. High-pile carpets will require high suction power, draining a lot of battery quickly. The canister is easy to dispose of and demands no physical touch. 

V8 has an excellent filtration that works by spinning air within two tiers of cyclones, which captures all allergens and expels cleaner air.

V8 Animal is the ultimate versatile stick vacuum for people having pets and carpets at home!


  • Perfect for houses having pets; thoroughly cleans carpets
  • Max power mode for high-pile carpets
  • Up to 40 minutes of battery life 
  • Fairly lightweight and manoeuvrable
  • HEPA and sealed filtration system
  • It has a low footprint and can be easily stored; Wall Mounted Dock Station.


  • No additional soft roller 
  • Cannot work well on hard floors
  • Might require regular cleaning of dustbin due to short capacity
  • Battery gets drained quickly on max power mode. 

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs V8 Animal; In-depth Comparison

V8 Animal and V8 Absolute have all the incredible features one might seek in a cordless stick vacuum. The comfortable manoeuvrability, convenient storage, versatility, efficiency to pick up all sorts of dirt and dander, build, sleek design, ergonomic structure and whatnot – all of these attributes make them equally investable and worth buying household appliances. 

However, due to many similar features, people often confuse the two. This article will clear up all your confusion, enabling you to make the right decision by the end. 

What are the Similarities?

V8 Animal and Absolute have many key features that are identical. Let’s find out what’s similar in both vacuum cleaners. 

Improved Digital Motor 

All V8 variants are engineered with a Dyson digital motor, powerful enough to suck up even the slightest of debris from every nook and cranny. It has 15% more power than Dyson’s previous models and spins up to 110,000rpm to produce the strongest suction. 

Direct Drive Cleaner Head

It is one of the most noticeable features of Dyson that sets it one step ahead of its competitors. This technology offers 150% more brush bar power than Dyson’s previous V6 model and drives the bristles deep into the carpets to dig out dirt and pet hair completely. This lets the vacuum glide smoothly, even on high-pile carpets.

HEPA and Sealed Filtration

This is yet another signature feature of Dyson. Both V8 Animal and Absolute have whole-machine filtration installed in them. This feature includes 2 tier radial cyclones – a total of 15 cyclones that work together to capture every sort of dirt and increase airflow. With V8 Animal and Absolute, you don’t have to worry about allergies as their HEPA technology traps all allergens, seals them inside and releases clean air. Dyson claims to catch particles down to 0.3 microns, ensuring that not even a bit of dirt will be left behind. 

Up to 40 Minutes Runtime

Both vacuums use the same lithium-ion battery and have the same runtime. Once charged, they can operate for 40 minutes straight on standard mode on a non-motorised tool. While the runtime drops down to 25 minutes with motorised tools attached. At the same time, the battery gets drained quickly with Max power mode reducing the runtime to 10 minutes at maximum.

Versatile Enough to Convert into a Handheld

Both V8 Absolute and Animal are stick vacuums that transform into a handheld within a fraction of a second. The flexible metal wand is perfect for cleaning carpets, floors, under the furniture and ceilings. To clean the upholsteries, car and stairs, you can effortlessly remove the extension wand and convert it into a pistol-like handheld. 

Additional Tools and Accessories

Dyson V8 Animal and Absolute come with a wide range of tools like a mini-motorized, crevice, combination, and dusting brush. These tools add great value to both variants, making them all-rounders.

With the crevice tool, you can easily reach tricky places in your homes. The mini motorised tool gathers all the pet hair and hidden dirt from your car and upholstery. The combination tool is a combined wide brush and nozzle that lets you switch between cleaning and dusting chores around the surfaces. 

0.54 L Dustbin Capacity: 

Both variants have the same dustbin capacity. This is enough but relatively small for large households and pets. After every use, you will have to empty the dust cap regularly.

Hygienic Disposal Mechanism

Dyson V8 Absolute and Animal have a no-touch dirt ejector that ejects the debris immediately in one action. Put it above a trashcan and press the button; dirt will be pushed out of the bin without physical contact with your hands.

Wall-Mounted Dock Station

Both vacuums have a docking station that makes them super convenient to store. You can easily install the charging dock on a corner wall around your home. It feels handy to pick up the vacuum and place it back after every use. It will not occupy extra space.

These are the key features that make both variants identical. Now, time to explore the differences.

What Sets Them Apart?

Soft Roller Cleaner Head

One of the most significant differences between V8 Animal and V8 Absolute is a soft roller. Dyson V8 Absolute has an additional soft roller with the direct drive cleaner head – something that the Animal variant lacks. This roller is made especially for hard floors. With a combination of soft nylon and stiff carbon fibre, this roller gently deep cleans the hardwood and vinyl floors without causing scratches. 

This does not mean that V8 Animal can’t work on hard floors. It surely can, but a Soft roller makes the process more efficient and delicate. So, if you have more hard floors at home, consider getting one with a soft roller. 

Price Factor:

Another difference between the two is their cost. Dyson V8 Absolute is slightly more expensive than V8 Animal as it comes with an additional roller, hence the price difference. This justifies the price gap technically. But, still, both are premium vacuum cleaners and are worth every penny. 

Is the Dyson V8 Absolute any better than Animal? Hold on…

Why Should You Buy Dyson V8 Absolute? 

Dyson V8 Absolute is a feature-rich vacuum cleaner with a direct drive cleaner head alongside a fluffy roller brush. It has all the key features that a stick vacuum must have, even more than that. The overall performance and ease of use are commendable. The cost is a little higher than other variants, but one can compromise on the price factor for a top-quality product. 

V8 Absolute works on all types of floors. However, if you have more hard floors than carpets, then buy V8 Absolute. It will work exactly like the Animal Variant but performs conveniently better on hard floors. You don’t need scratches on your floor, right? Don’t mind paying extra and put your trust in Dyson V8 Absolute. 

Dyson has discontinued this variant, but it is still available in many online and offline stores.

Why Should You Buy Dyson V8 Animal?

No other vacuum can come close to Dyson V8 Animal for households with many pets and carpets. Its direct drive cleaning feature with great suction power deep cleans carpets efficiently, trapping every last bit of hidden debris inside. Even on the high-pile carpet, V8 Animal won’t disappoint you. 

V8 Animal is the right cordless vacuum if you have fur babies that shed like crazy. And it’s lighter on the pocket too!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Dyson V8 Absolute good for hardwood floors?

V8 Absolute has an additional soft roller and a direct drive cleaning head that works great on hardwood floors. It gently cleans delicate floors and doesn’t leave any scratches on them. 

Is The Dyson V8 worth it in 2023?

Dyson V8 is among the top stick vacuum cleaners equipped with amazing features. It is a bit premium in price but has a lifespan of approximately 10 years. It’s a high-quality vacuum that offers great manoeuvrability and works perfectly on almost every surface. So yeah, It is still worth it in 2023

What’s the Difference Between Dyson Absolute and Animal?

The fluffy roller and price are the only significant difference between Dyson V8 Animal and V8 Absolute. Dyson V8 Absolute has an additional soft roller alongside a direct drive cleaner head and is relatively more expensive than V8 Animal. 

Final Verdict

Both are high-quality hassle-free stick vacuums having equally useful features and satisfying performance. In our opinion, V8 Absolute is best for houses having more hard floors. On the other hand, if you have more carpets and four-legged friends at home, V8 Animal is the right choice for you. We hope this article was of great help to you!

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