How To Empty a Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Gone are the days when you had to walk with a vacuum cleaner to clean your house, putting loads of energy and time into the task. With the advent of technology, smart vacuums have been introduced that function as little robots. These robots keep navigating your home to clean all the dirt and debris – saving you from the hassle of vacuum bags or tangled cords.

This saves you time and effort as you can do your other chores while forgetting about the floor cleaning. Although the sweeping process is fully automated, you are still required to empty the vacuum cleaner manually as part of its maintenance. 

What happens with the dirt and debris collected from your floor? Of course, it gets accumulated inside the dustbin in a Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner and requires manual cleaning.

For every smart vacuum to function properly, it is mandatory to remove the debris from its extractor and dirt or hair from its wheels. And you have to do it yourself. Fortunately, emptying a smart vacuum cleaner is a manageable task. Roomba has a wide range of smart vacuums. However, the process of emptying all Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner models is relatively similar.

This article will guide you through the process of emptying different models of Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Step-By-Step Guide to Clean Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Leaving the debris inside for days can malfunction the vacuum. To keep any gadget performing at its peak, it requires  timely maintenance. The same is the case with all Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner variants.

To explore how to empty a Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner, keep on reading…

How to Clean Roomba Robot 600 Series:

  • Press the bin release tab and pull the bin out.
  • Open the swing-type door of the bin.
  • Place the bin over the garbage can and gently dislodge all the debris into the garbage can.
  • Tap on the bin to get rid of all the dirt.
  • Pull out the filter and shake it on the trash container too.
  • To clean it properly, you can use a brush.
  • After all the contents are removed from the bin and filter, reinstall the filter and close the door.
  • Now place the dustbin back into the vacuum.

Note: Do not try to wash the filter and dustbin, as it’s not advisable.

How to Clean Roomba 800 and 900 Series:

The method of cleaning 800 and 900 series Roomba is the same. If you want the optimal performance of the device, then consider cleaning its extractors, sensors, brush, and wheels alongside the bin.

Cleaning the dustbin of 800 series

  • Press the bin release button and take the bin out.
  • Position it above a trash container and open the door.
  • Remove all the debris by tapping the bin over the container.
  • As the filter of the 800 series is placed upside the bin. Open the door of the filter can, pull it out, and clean it with a microfibre cloth.
  • Replace the filter, close its lid and reinstall the dustbin.

Cleaning the extractors:

  • Flip the vacuum cleaner, and you will notice an extractor frame on the backside.
  • You must pinch the yellow release tabs to lift the extractor frame.
  • Take both of the extractors out and remove any debris or hair on them with the help of a small cleaning brush.
  • Now, remove the extractor caps from both sides and clean the inner area of the extractors.
  • Put the caps back and then place the extractors in their place.
  • Now close the frame and ensure that it’s aligned.

Also, make sure to clean the front wheel, brush, and full bin sensors every two weeks.

How To Clean The Roomba e series, I series, and j series:

  • Press the release button on the robot’s side to pull out the dustbin.
  • You will see a button on the dustbin, press it, and the door will be opened.
  • Empty the dustbin into a trash container. You can also use a brush to get rid of the dirty contents.
  • The filter in these series is located on the left side of the bin. Hold the filter and take it out.
  • Remove all the dirt by tapping it against the garbage can.
  • Wash the dustbin properly.
  • Leave it with an open door for a while and let it dry.
  • Reattach the filter.
  • After drying, slide the dustbin in and put it securely into its place.

That’s how you can empty the dustbin on Roomba, including i7.

How to Clean Roomba s series (s9):

The shape and dustbin design of Roomba s series is slightly different from others. Whereas others have a rear-mounted dustbin, Roomba s series is designed with a top-mounted dustbin.

  • Open the lid from the upper side of the vacuum.
  • Lift the dustbin handle and pull it out.
  • Clean the inner side of the bin container with a dry cloth.
  • Since the dustbin of Roomba s9 is washable, you can wash it with warm water for deep cleaning.
  • Before putting it into the tap water, lift the dustbin door and remove the filter.
  • Shake off the filter to remove debris.
  • Wash the dustbin thoroughly and let it air dry.
  • When the bin is completely dried, close the bottom lid and put the filter back.
  • Now close the upper lid and place the bin back into the robot vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Often Do You Need To Empty Robot Vacuum?

iRobot suggests its users empty the dustbin after three vacuum cycles. However, it depends on how often you vacuum your house or how dirty your floor is. If you have pets at home that shed a lot of hair, then it’s better to empty the vacuum every day or every two cycles.

How Do You Get Dirt Out Of A Robot Vacuum?

The easiest way to get all the debris out of a robot vacuum is to tap it against your trash container. Shake off well, so no dirt is left inside. Moreover, you can also use a small brush to remove stubborn contents.

Final Verdict:

Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners are the greatest gift for busy individuals and big homeowners – who lack the time and energy to do the cleaning work. You can easily connect them with either Alexa or iRobot app, and they will automatically whip around the house and clean. However, for these devices to work efficiently, requires little but timely maintenance. By doing this every other day, you can enjoy an automatically cleaned house for a long time!

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