What Do the Lights on Shark Vacuums Mean? An Extensive Guide

Shark Vacuum

Shark Vacuum is one of the most reliable cleaners in almost every household. It provides ultimate convenience by cleaning debris from every nook and cranny of your house. Normally, vacuum cleaners communicate their message to the users with the help of light indicators. These light indicators tell the users about your vacuum’s current situation and whatever issue it might face. Advanced cleaners come with an upgraded light indication system that tells the device’s status in collaboration with sounds and app notifications.

Unfortunately, Shark Vacuum doesn’t have that advanced light indication system. However, they have a standard light indication that uses different color LED lights that either flash or blink to tell the device’s condition. Shark Vacuum is quite easy to operate, as does its light indicator. You just need to be familiar with the meaning of lights and know how to deal with the issue.

Some issues can be easily resolved by following the instructions in the user manual. A little troubleshooting can do the job, but it requires extra effort or parts replacement in some cases.

Indicator Lights on Shark Vacuums:

A standard shark vacuum cleaner has an LED indicator light around the vacuum’s head. However, the location may vary on each model but can be spotted effortlessly. Technically, shark vacuum uses two lights (red and green) to display the situation, but cordless models use blue light too.

On top of that, some models also have LED headlights on the vacuum. The primary purpose of these lights is to highlight the area ahead of the cleaner to see dust. However, they perform some secondary functions, too, especially when flashing. We will explain them in detail further in this article.

To begin with, let’s understand the lights and their descriptions first.

Green indicator Light of Shark Vacuum:

The green light indicates that everything is normal and your vacuum operates normally.

When the green light starts flashing or blinking, it refers to something abnormal. It can either be a sign of a clogged brush roll or an open garbage door lid. In such a case, turn off the vacuum and unplug it. Check the brush roll first. If it is clogged with debris and hair, use a brush to eliminate all dirt and unwanted stuff. Then, check the garbage door lid. The vacuum will not function correctly if the cover is not closed. Ensure the top of the brush roll is properly closed before turning the vacuum cleaner on.

Red Indicator Light of Shark Vacuum:

Red is a sign of warning or danger. This is exactly the same reason behind a vacuum cleaner displaying a red light. If your vacuum cleaner is flashing a red light, there may be plenty of reasons behind it. These issues include low battery, burnt motor, jammed brush roll, and overheating.

Since there are many possible errors behind a flashing red light, it can get intimating to know the genuine cause. However, it is confirmed that the issues can be one of the mentioned things. So, better be aware of them and learn how to deal with them.

In cordless models, the red light will start flashing whenever the device is low on battery.

Other causes include;

Clogged Brush Roll:

The brush roll contains innumerable bristles that rotate whenever you turn on the cleaner. This brush roll cleans the floor or carpet by catching all the dirt and hair. It’s easy to detect whether the brush roll is jammed – as it will stop picking up the dirt like before. If you notice a slight change in its performance, it’s time to give it a good clean. Your vacuum cleaner will alert you by blinking a red light whenever the brush roll needs a replacement or some attention.

Unplug the device and take the roller out to clean the jammed brush roll. Inspect it thoroughly and pick out any hair or debris with your hands or a small cleaning brush. Once it is completely clean and no hair is stuck inside, place it back in its position. Plug in the cleaner and test the performance. 

The red light has stopped blinking now. If it hasn’t, the problem is somewhere else.

Keep reading to explore…

Burnt or Out-of-Order Motor:

Another reason behind the red light is the motor. The vacuum informs the user about the burnt motor by flashing red light. The smell of a burnt motor is obvious, and easy to detect the root cause. However, if you do not smell it, it’s better to check the motor from the attachment. You will see the shreds of evidence of burnt parts inside. In such cases, the only solution is motor replacement.

If the device is under warranty, contact the manufacturer and get a replacement.

Overheating and Blockage:

Overheating leads to motor burnout. Fortunately, Shark vacuums have a thermostat that prevents the device from breaking down by turning it off whenever it’s overheated. In similar cases, the temperature sensor will automatically cut off the power supply to the vac.

Give your device a break and let it cool down for an hour. The primary reason behind overheating is a blockage that restricts the airflow from passing through the vacuum. Your device will start flashing red light whenever it’s near to overheating. To thwart any trouble, turn off the machine and inspect all parts, including the dust tank and filters. Ensure that there is no build-up inside. After thoroughly cleaning, turn on the device again.

This cleanup is part of the general maintenance of any vacuum cleaner that a user must perform to increase its performance and lifespan.

Belt Issue:

The brush roll inside a shark vacuum operates on a belt. This rotatory belt helps the mechanical rotations of the brush roll to happen properly. Although this belt holds a good lifespan, it can still wear out. If this is the issue, the brush roll will stop spinning, and the vacuum will display a red light or flash.

To check the belt’s condition, you will have to look into where it is located. If it’s broken, the only solution is a replacement.

Blue Indicator Light of Shark Vacuum:

If you have a cordless shark hoover, you will also notice a blue light on it.

Blue light flashes slowly on cordless shark vacuum cleaners only when the device is connected to the power source. These lights indicate that the cleaner is getting charged normally. There’s nothing to worry about regarding the blue light flashing. It stops flashing and stays still when the vacuum gets fully charged.

When the light gets solid blue, take off the charger.

If you plug in the charger and notice that the blue light is not flashing, there might be something wrong with the power source or the charger.

Headlights Flashing on Shark Vacuum:

Many shark vacuums have floor attachment lights on the front side, otherwise known as headlights. You can find these lights on the head of your vacuum. Although these headlights shed light on the carpet or floor so you can see the dirt clearly, these two headlights perform as an alert guard.

Shark Hoover’s white light starts flashing whenever there is some blockage or wiring problem inside the vacuum. You can clean the brush roll and other parts of the vacuum if it is clogged up.

Read the user manual to eliminate any wiring issues, or seek help from a professional.

Now you are fully aware of the reasons behind both the shark vac top and bottom light flashing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know When Your Shark Is Fully Charged?

Shark Cordless Vacuum uses a blue indicator light to tell whether the device is getting charged. If it is flashing, it means the vacuum is currently charging. The blue light will stop blinking as soon as the device gets fully charged.

Why is My Shark Light Blinking?

Shark Vacuum communicates with its users via light indication. It uses a combination of two to three lights to share its current status or condition. Each light has its meaning. Blinking or flashing lights hint that something is wrong with the device. It may be a low battery, blockage, overheating, or technical error.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Shark Vacuum Fully?

Typically, the Shark Vacuum battery takes 3 to 4 hours to charge completely. Once fully charged, the vacuum can function for a good time and varies according to usage. Always charge the device to its fullest before using it.

Final Thoughts:

Shark Vacuums are among the top necessities of modern households. Once you start using these devices, there is no way back. They become an integral part of your life with the comfort and ease they offer. Shark vacuums inform the users about their condition through a light indication system. Green or Blue light means that the device is functioning properly. However, red light indicates a fault or error inside. Flashing lights also indicate that there’s something wrong with the device. After reading this article, you should no longer worry about your shark vacuum flashing.

If the light keeps on flashing, consider getting it checked from the nearest repair shop or contact the manufacturer.

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